Average Temperature & Weather Forecast in Pigeon Forge, TN

Pigeon Forge weather changes with each season with the best times to visit the area in May, September and October while January has the lowest temperatures and is the least pleasant as far as weather.

Fall is the most popular season in Pigeon Forge, although spring and summer can also be crowded. Daytimes are usually warm in the spring while nights can still be cold. Because some areas of Pigeon Forge are mountainous, even in the summer the higher elevations can be cool, even cold at times. The area is popular in the fall due to the changing leaves which create a kaleidoscope of color.

Ski and snow tubing seasons in Pigeon Forge run from around the end of November through mid-March. Early spring is the best time to visit as the weather is still fairly cool and attractions are less crowded. The average low temperature those months is around 33F (0.5C) and the high is around 59F (15C).

Average Monthly Temps in Pigeon Forge TN

The average monthly temperatures in Pigeon Forge are:

  • January – low of 27F (-3C); high of 50F (10C)
  • February – low of 30F (-1C); high of 54F (12C)
  • March – low of 36F (2C); high of 63F (17C)
  • April – low of 43F (6C); high of 72F (22C)
  • May – low of 52F (11C); high of 78F (26C)
  • June – low of 60F (16C); high of 84F (29C)
  • July – low of 64F (18C); high of 87F (31C)
  • August – low of 63F (17C); high of 86F (30C)
  • September – low of 57F (14C); high of 81F (27)
  • October – low of 45F (7C); high of 72F (22C)
  • November – low of 36F (2C); high of 62F (17C)
  • December – low of 30F (-1C); high of 53F (12C)

Average Rainfall in Pigeon Forge, TN

On average, the Pigeon Forge area gets about 48 inches of rain each year, 21 percent more than the United States average which is 38 inches. July is the rainiest month in Pigeon Forge with an average of five inches of rain.

Average Snowfall in Pigeon Forge, TN

About six inches of snow falls in Pigeon Forge each year, about 78 percent less than the national average of 28. The most snow falls between late November and early April. Because some areas of Pigeon Forge are mountainous, it is possible that there may be snow at higher elevations while none is falling at lower elevations.

Best live webcams for weather monitoring in Pigeon Forge TN

There are more several webcams in the Pigeon Forge area where you can check the current weather. Some of the best can be found below.

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